18 April 2013

Woman cleavage red dressHer curves have helped make her a star, thanks to her role in TV series Mad Men but as a new series of the show based in the heady world of the advertising business began this week across America and Canada, the rumours were again flying about whether Christina Hendricks has had cosmetic help to achieve her renowned hourglass figure. And the actress's refusal to either confirm or deny the rumours means that they are re-emerging with each new series. Gossip website Dose.ca is just one which has re-ignited the talk especially among Mad Men's male fans by publishing a picture of her from a Playboy photoshoot in 1999, sporting unremarkable-looking boobs, alongside a more recent one of her, complete with her now-trademark flame red hair, but also a copious helping of cleavage. "There were also rumours of a nose job, but that's minor compared to the huge and you know that's the right word for it difference in her breast region," remarked the Dose team. Either way, it doesn't make a jot of difference to the fact that Ms Hendricks was named sexiest woman in the world in 2010 by Esquire magazine, say her fans at Dose, who conclude: "Just admit it if you've done it."