21 August 2008

Ageing popstar Madonna, who recently turned 50, may have become a new model for women in their 50s who are thinking about undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The news comes just days after Now magazine revealed that the Like a Virgin-singer would be having a series of cosmetic procedures over the coming four months.

A source close to the singer told the publication, "This is phase three of her transformation, which began in 2005. She's booked in for a consultation to see if anything can be done about her arms...

"She also wants to know if there's anything that can be done which will reduce the appearance of veins and muscles and she's even planning a boob job."

However, while Madonna may be thinking about plastic surgery, many women are considering going under the knife in an effort to look more like her.

Earlier this month, a New York-based plastic surgeon told the Daily Mail that more and more patients were requesting shoulders like Madonna and British actress Kiera Knightley.

Lesley Jane Seymour, editor of More magazine, told the Associated Press: "It's really hard to believe she's 50. She looks 40. And she just keeps going at it, living life and loving life."

A recent survey revealed that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women aged 50 to 55 is a facelift, closely followed by eye bag removal.

According to Now, Madonna underwent a facelift in 2005 and is also known to have had Botox.

Madonna is due to start her 'Sticky & Sweet' tour on August 23 in Cardiff.