02 September 2008

I remember dancing around and singing along to Madonna songs, using my hairbrush as a microphone when I was in my teens - actually, I've been known to do it quite recently too! She's one of the few performers who has not only endured, but also managed to retain credibility while moving into middle age. Whats even more impressive in my books is that Madonna has managed to make that transition in style.

She was at the receiving end of a bit of a bashing last month, when pictures of her looking very thin and a little the worse for wear popped up in the press, but her appearance at husband Guy Ritchie's most recent film premier (RocknRolla in London) saw the star back to her glamorous best. But now it seems that her youthful smile has sparked several rumours that she's undergone cosmetic surgery to regain some of her famous lusciousness.

The Daily Mail quotes her as having said: 'I am certainly not against plastic surgery; however, I am absolutely against having to discuss it.' Which I suppose is fair enough, but maybe she'd do well to speak more openly - as rumours that she's had work done have been springing up all over the place recently. From face-lifts to nose reshaping and Botox to breast augmentation, she's said to have had all kinds of procedures over the years - but these days, it's dermal fillers that have set tongues wagging.

I guess we aren't going to find out the truth behind the smile from the material girl herself anytime soon. But as long as she keeps on singing, performing and reinventing herself in ever more marvellous guises, I'll carry on singing along and daydreaming that I'm Madonna for a day - whatever age she is.