Madonna prompts new wave of women's interest in hand fillers

21 August 2013

Woman's hands crossedFifty-five year-old Madonna's often-covered hands have been the subject of intense debate. For while the pop star has undergone a range of anti-ageing treatments, her hands' lined appearance in recent photos has brought about a new wave of interest in treatments to banish what have become known as 'Madonna mitts'. Whereas Madonna often resorts to covering her hands with gloves to hide their protruding veins, many other women are opting for surgery to help disguise the appearance of thinning skin – even though a woman's hands are often said to be the biggest giveaway of her age.As a result, many clinics have seen a surge in enquiries about cosmetic treatments available on the hands. As we often fail to protect our hands from exposure to the sun, the area is prone to the development of sunspots, which can be emphasised as skin thins as part of the ageing process. An Isolaz laser rejuvenation treatment is often used to reduce the appearance of blotches caused by hands being exposed to too much sun, while a dermaroller treatment can also help smooth out prematurely-aged skin. Women who have undergone such treatments testify to their effectiveness, with one saying: "I tried lots of creams, but they never worked." And after undergoing a treatment lasting just 30 minutes, she said: "I don't hide my hands away as much as they are better."