22 March 2010

More than half of women would like to enhance their breasts, according to research carried out for a new cosmetic surgery chat show.The survey, conducted to mark the launch of MyFaceMyBody, found that 55 per cent of women would like to change the appearance of their breasts, and 89 per cent of these would choose to do so using non surgical treatments such as injectable fillers. Yahoo News reports that 42 per cent of women would also like to have liposuction to get rid of unwanted tummy fat. Stephen Handisides of MyFaceMyBody said: "We hadn't realised such a high percentage of women are dissatisfied with their bust size and are so keen to do something about it." Men were also asked for their opinions on breast surgery, with almost a quarter of men saying they preferred women who had breast implants and 40 per cent saying they didn't mind if breasts had been enhanced or not. Meanwhile, one third of women said their partner would be happy to pay if they underwent plastic surgery to enhance their breasts. MyFaceMyBody is the UK's first chat show devoted entirely to cosmetic surgery, and will be shown on Sky and Freesat beginning tomorrow night. Stephen Handisides explained: "Ive been developing MyFaceMyBody over the last few years as I wanted to make sure both women and men could find easily accessible and engaging yet totally independent information about the huge number of procedures available to them."