Make Face Peels your go-to autumnal skin care

Make Face Peels your go-to autumnal skin care

6 October 2015

If you do one thing for your skin this October, skip the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (delicious they may be, but they’re almost 500 calories each and packed with enough fat to bring the healthiest complexions out in blemishes) and invest in a Skin Peel instead!

After prolonged of sun exposure, Dr. Melanie Palm, a San Diageo based Dermatologist, recommends her patients book in for a series of Skin Peels come October to help correct the UV damage caused over the summer months.

The skin rejuvenating treatment has long been a secret of fresh faced celebrities and, though it may conger unwelcome flash-backs of Samantha from ‘Sex in the City’s’ red, irritated face, the reality of a Skin Peel is far less drastic. The treatment is a highly effective way to exfoliate, boost collagen production, treat acne and address hyperpigmentation – the kind of tangible results you dream of from anti-ageing cosmetics!

Dr. Palm doesn’t only recommend Skin Peels for middle aged patients however, she’s a strong advocate for people in their 20s and 30s to start early with the treatment as a preventative ageing measure. “By boosting collagen production early on, you’re more likely to see better results from the treatments you may perform in the future. It’s your skin’s insurance policy for when it breaks down, down the road” she explained.

For the best results from a Skin Peel a series of 4 – 6 treatments is recommended. This allows the peel to work on the deeper layers of your skin brightening, smoothing and evening skin tone.

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Image credit:  Prochkailo/ Shutterstock