22 February 2013

Woman with long fringeThe quest for larger busts and buttocks, driven by music and general culture of the early 1990s and earlier, is finally being superseded by people wanting the attention to be on their faces. That's according to American website, which says that people undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures are now doing so because they want to mitigate the signs of ageing on their faces, rather than achieve a perceived ideal of bodily perfection. "Since Sir Mix-A-Lot's double platinum selling single 'Baby Got Back', younger generations X and Y have dominated the hallways of plastic surgery with their bust-enhancing, butt-rounding search for beauty," the article noted.But now, it says, "the number of people lifting, injecting and lasering their faces is growing," As a result, neck lifts and plumped cheeks are more in demand among baby-boomers, as the technological advances in cosmetic surgery procedures becomes a topic regularly discussed on daytime TV talk shows.