12 March 2009

I have to say that over the years, Mother's Day has become more important to me. I mean, when I was younger I liked taking my mum breakfast in bed and giving her a handmade card, but it's only now that I'm an adult myself that I think I know what it is I want to say thank you for. And that's all the wonderful things she's done for me over the years!She's always happy with a bunch of flowers or a box of nice chocolates, but now I have a lot more money than I did in my student days, and I like to spoil her a little. This year it's going to be easy. My mum is beautiful, but she's not so young anymore, and she's asked me a few times about the different types of cosmetic surgery we offer here. There are a few non surgical treatments she's really interested in, but she's just never gotten around to booking herself in. That's where I come in! At Harley we're offering three mini-treatments perfect for Mother's Day presents. I've been swithering over which one she'd like best, but I think I'll get her a microdermabrasion treatment. I'm planning to meet her beforehand when she has it done, so we can have a smoothie or something together before I take her to the appointment. I'm looking forward to introducing her to all of my friends at work already!