Male beauty ideals around the globe

25 March 2015

The most admired male celebrities tend to have a few attributes in common – be it their height, smouldering eyes or chiselled jawline. Of course how we perceive beauty differs depending on where we come from. What’s considered beautiful in one culture is not necessarily the preferred look of another.

In the United States, beards, broad shoulders and muscles are seen as the most attractive physical attributes for men. In Mexico, men who are extremely masculine yet gentle and kind towards their family are preferred.

Sensitive, gentle and romantic top the list of desired attributes for an attractive Turkish man. Additionally, men are considered to be more attractive if they are free of body hair and clean shaven.

In India, ‘good skin’ is a must for men, who strive to be blemish-free and invest in a Skin Care regime to achieve super soft and smooth skin.

The ideal South Korean man has a muscular body, soft features and often undertakes Cosmetic Surgery to gain larger eyes and a more pronounced nose.

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Image Credit Attribution: -Robbie-/iStock/Thinkstock