13 March 2013

stk212525rkeThe drive to look younger and healthier in an ever-more competitive employment market is one of the main drivers behind a 40 per cent jump in the number of men undergoing Botox treatments. Figures from a clinics group with surgeries around the UK also suggest that as many as one in five patients now undergoing consultations are male. The statistics' compilers say that as many as 40 per cent of the patients they now see are men. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Patrick Bowler said: "There is a collective consciousness that suggests looking younger and healthier could enhance career prospects, particularly in industries where staff are youthful, such as advertising." Writing for the Huffington Post, Dr Bowler added that men who attend job interviews looking younger and more energetic find it easier to negotiate such high-pressure situations. With high-profile British men, such as Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsey and Peter Andre, owning up to having Botox treatments to make them appear more confident in front of the cameras, Dr Bowler claims more generally positive effects are experienced by many male patients especially as the treatment is a proven way to tackle hyperhydrosis, or excessive male sweating. Since these beneficial effects have been publicised, Dr Bowler adds, Botox treatments have become increasingly popular among highly-stressed city workers. "Botox isn't the reserve of females anymore, and the exciting thing is that men aren't shy about admitting it," Dr Bowler concluded.