Male Chest Reduction on the rise in Liverpool

Male Chest Reduction on the rise in Liverpool

1 June 2015

It seems like breasts are on the minds of men in Liverpool – and not for the reasons you might think. Clinics are reporting a rise in the number of men undergoing Male Chest Reduction procedures to reduce the size of their ‘man boobs’.

It’s a trend that is growing in Liverpool with one Cosmetic Surgeon explaining: “Male breast reduction is something that is more in demand and more men are becoming aware of their bodies and more concerned about how they look.

“I think it is also part of the gym culture we have now. If they feel their chest is too big and feminine then they don’t like taking their top off at the gym or on the beach.”

Before undergoing the procedure, men are assessed to determine whether or not they have Gynaecomastia – a hormonal condition resulting in the development of ‘man boobs’ which cannot be reduced in size through diet and exercise alone.

For men suffering Gynaecomastia, it can be an emotional struggle, with many finding it difficult to cope with exposing their bare chests.

The Cosmetic Surgeon continued: “All men have breast tissue, but in males the breast glands never grow, but if a man is left with breast growth they may need surgery.

“Breast growth can mean they are being teased by their friends or they don’t feel comfortable undertaking exercise. The most common reason is they say they can’t take their children swimming or they can’t go to the beach with their family.”

In such cases, Male Chest Reduction procedures offer a solution to reduce the size of the patient’s breasts and leave them feeling more confident in their physical appearance.

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Image Credit: Hongqi Zhang/ iStock/ Thinkstock