Male Chest Reduction surgery more popular than ever in Bristol

9 February 2015

Cosmetic Surgery is becoming more and more popular among men, with increasing numbers undertaking procedures every year. The most popular Male Cosmetic Surgical procedure in Bristol is Male Chest Reduction, with enquiries rising by 49 per cent in 2014 among patients aged 65 and over in comparison to 2007 figures.

Experts are putting this increase in demand for Cosmetic Surgery in older patients down to longer life expectancies, with many wishing to improve their appearance as they get older.

One Cosmetic Surgeon explained: “Ten to 15 years ago, cosmetic surgery for men was quite rare, but now about one in ten procedures we do are on men.

“It has become much more socially acceptable and there has been a big change in the way men view health and fitness in recent years, with the media, consumer magazines and celebrities all having played a role.

“As well as keeping fit and active, we are seeing men place much more emphasis on looking well too.”

And it’s not just Cosmetic Surgery that’s gaining popularity with male patients – many are opting for Non Surgical treatments too, such as Botox and Dermal Fillers; the key motivator? To improve self-confidence.

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