20 July 2012

A growing number of men are removing their chest hair in favour of a much smoother look, it has been reported. According to Zee News, the hairy chests that were popular back in the 80s are making way for clean-shaven six packs.Indeed, a study conducted by Philips India discovered 65 per cent of men are perfectly comfortable with removing body hair from somewhere other than their face. It seems as though the opinion of women could have something to do with the trend, as the study discovered 80 per cent of females think too much body hair is a turn-off. Actor John Abraham, who is also brand ambassador for the Philips Male Grooming Range, said: “In recent years, we have seen a huge style revolution among men and they have started taking their grooming very seriously, be it experimenting with their clothes, facial hair, or body hair.” He suggested that in the past, body hair was a sign of masculinity, but men now consider a well-toned and well-built physique to be more important. Women also prefer their partners to be “more hygienic and well-groomed in every aspect”, Mr Abraham added.