Male Laser Hair Removal treatments seeing strong increase

27 January 2014

90674542Men are becoming increasingly tired of scraping and pulling at the hair on their torso in an effort to keep it under control, and opting instead for Laser Hair Removal. Year-on-year increases of as much as 86 per cent have been reported by clinics in the number of men undergoing the treatment, according to Armenian news website the amounts of body hair on a man are often closely linked to levels of the hormone testosterone, their chances of developing Hirsutism can also depend on their genes, age and ethnicity. Its article quotes the case of a 21-year-old who said he had suffered from excess body hair since the age of 12, and it had led to him being bullied in school. But since undergoing Laser Hair Removal, he noticed how, over time, his hair growth slowed significantly, with the result, he said, that: "Now I can look in the mirror and feel proud of myself."