19 December 2012

Although plastic surgery is something usually associated with women, a new report has suggested that an increasing number of men are going under the knife to improve their appearance. The Hollywood Reporter suggested that male actors in particular are fans of cosmetic procedures – and this is something head cosmetic surgeon and medical director of San Diego's Center for Cosmetic Surgery Dr Alavi agrees with.He said that even men who do not live their life in front of the cameras are turning to surgical treatments to make themselves look better. While some want to improve the way they look to get ahead at work, others want to look more youthful to match the appearance of their partner. Dr Alavi added that some 25 per cent of his patients are men. “In the past few years we have seen a substantial increase in men requesting some form of plastic surgery. Most men are very much concerned with their looks and plastic surgery has been accepted as an adjunct to their exercise and diet,” he said. Read the full story here: