20 April 2012

More men are deciding to change their appearance and opt for a 'man makeover' or 'man-over', in a bid to reinvent themselves. According to a report by Grazia Daily, while it's nothing new for men to change their look and adopt a different style, an increasing number of them are doing so. High profile 'man-overs' involving Australian cricketer Shane Warne, actor Hugh Laurie and singer Gary Barlow are said to have helped spark a new wave of makeovers.Cosmetic surgery expert Lisa Littlehales says industry figures show the trend is spreading. She said: "Recent figures certainly show that there is a growing trend among men to achieve a more groomed appearance. "Laser hair removal remains the most popular non-surgical treatment for this age group, with a 12 per cent rise year-on-year." Anecdotal evidence from the United States suggests men are now not only happy to turn to non-surgical procedures such as laser hair removal, but also to talk about it openly. Melissa Cavanaugh, owner of a cosmetic clinic in Manhattan said last week that she had seen close to a 20 per cent increase in male clients in the past year. She said: "After the first treatment is completed, they definitely treat it just like any other service they would do to maintain their appearance."