07 January 2011

A Chinese man, who suffers from an extremely rare disorder known as cutis laxa or elastolysis, has opted for plastic surgery to improve his appearance. The genetic disorder, which is also known as Chalazoderma and Dermatolysis, is usually inherited and causes the skin of a sufferer to lose its elasticity, become extremely wrinkled and hang in loose folds. According to a report in the Global Times online, the 29-year-old man, Su Jianhua, chose to undergo a series of plastic surgery procedures in a bid to improve his appearance. The online newspaper published before and after pictures of Jianhua, which showed a marked improvement brought about by the surgery, which was performed in order to lift, tighten and smooth the skin on his face. The pictures also show Jianhua smiling broadly as he admired his new look in a hand-held mirror. Jianhua is one of less than ten people around the world confirmed to have the connective tissue disorder.