Many employing cosmetic treatments to improve career prospects

17 December 2010

New figures reveal that more than half of executives would consider cosmetic treatments as a way of boosting their career prospects. The study, carried out by consultant firm The Aziz Corporation, found that 54 per cent of female executives and 50.6 per cent of male would consider cosmetic treatments as a way of increasing their standing in their workplace. What's more, the company discovered that nearly a third of the female respondents, 30 per cent, had undergone cosmetic procedures already, as had 17 per cent of the men questioned. The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments quoted by women were cosmetic dentistry at 21.5 per cent, non surgical solutions such as Botox at 9.5 per cent, liposuction at 8.5 per cent while 6 per cent said they would consider face lifts. On the other hand, men were most likely to turn to enhancements including cosmetic dentistry at 26.6 per cent or eye bag removal and baldness treatments at 7.4 per cent. According to Financial Director, Aziz also found that 96 per cent of those it asked said they believed a pleasing physical appearance will enhance professional progress. Aziz Corp chairman, one professor Khalid Aziz, commented: "Our survey shows that executives are waking up to the importance of personal image. "We are judged every day by our appearance and those who neglect this do so at their peril." Last year saw an increase in the number of men and women turning to cosmetic surgery seemingly as a direct result of the global economic downturn and it's affects on the job market.