19 January 2010

Mariah Carey has sparked rumours of a boob job after the singer appeared at the Golden Globes in a revealing dress that showed off her bust. Mariah, who turns 40 this March, arrived at the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton alongside husband Nick Cannon, wearing a black dress that showed off her cleavage. According to Gather, Mariah's "flawless" appearance immediately got the online community buzzing about the possibility that the singer has had cosmetic surgery.Several celebrity sources have also suggested that Mariah may have undergone one or more plastic surgery procedures to hold back the years throughout her career, going under the knife and emerging back into the limelight after a few weeks of rest with a perfect body. Plastic surgeon Dr Nicholas Nikolov believes that Mariah may have used liposuction in her struggle with her weight. Dr Nikolov told In Your Face: "Mariah Carey is tall and has had to fight staying in shape being under the microscope constantly. Taking advantage of liposuction to achieve the goal may have helped her along the way and is certainly a reasonable choice. "She seems relatively proportionate for her body type. Some better definition around the waist and thighs may be helpful in improving her shape but that would be best judged in person." The five-time Grammy Award winner indulged photographers with a few minutes of her time on the red carpet before she was ushered in to the awards ceremony, which was hosted by British comedian Ricky Gervais.