23 March 2009

English superstar Marianne Faithfull claimed she was interested in cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate her legendary good looks. The singer and actress revealed that she was considering a neck lift in an interview with the Guardian. When asked how she felt about cosmetic surgery, the star replied, "I'm thinking about it. I'd love to have the area around my neck and my chin just lifted a bit, but the problem is I don't like pain. I think I probably will do it eventually."While the star has become a much lauded performer and singer/songwriter in her own right, in the early days of her career it was her stunning good looks that helped her get her first big break. Famously described as angelic, Marianne struggled with drug additions throughout her long career. However, according to the Times, the singer finally feels that she has rebuilt what she describes as her feminine self and has no intention of relinquishing it. Marianne also revealed to the Guardian that she looked after her weight and gave up drinking three years ago. And while the star currently continues to smoke, she hopes to quit in the near future. Smoking is well known as a vice that adds years to the skin, causing it to lose elasticity and create wrinkles. Many cosmetic surgeons recommend that patients stop smoking to improve the results of any surgeries, motivating many surgery candidates to quit the habit. The iconic star is currently touring to support her new album, Easy Come Easy Go.