Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secrets revealed

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secrets revealed

2 June 2016

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty secrets revealed

She was a classic beauty, a true icon of her time. Marilyn Monroe’s look was one that will remain coveted for years to come. Now, her beauty secrets have been revealed – so you too can achieve the same flawless look for yourself.

  • She used intensive moisturiser

Marilyn’s favourite moisturiser was Laszlo Active Phelityl Intensive Cream – a hydrating product with a strong floral scent. This moisturiser was so thick it took a long time to absorb into skin once applied. No wonder her skin always looked so good.

  • She applied Vaseline laboriously to her face before going on camera

You’d think applying Vaseline to her face would have given Marilyn a greasy complexion but experts have since reported that the star must have suffered from dry skin. The Vaseline went on underneath her makeup to make her skin glow under the studio lights.

  • She wore hair extensions

The complicated hairstyles of the 50s and 60s often led to women saving the leftover hair in their brushes and combs and using it to quickly perfect their ‘do. Marilyn was ahead of the curve though and opted for a braided blonde hair extension instead.

  • She underwent Cosmetic Surgery, secretly

Back in Marilyn’s day, Cosmetic Surgery was not as widely accepted – and medical records have shown that the star underwent two Chin Augmentation procedures. There is also still speculation around her rumoured Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping surgery) although there is insufficient evidence to back up this claim.

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