Matthew McConaughey shares his Anti-Ageing secrets

Matthew McConaughey shares his Anti-Ageing secrets

2 October 2014

Hollywood stars are regularly photographed flaunting flawless skin, but when asked about their beauty secrets, often keep schtum – however, when it comes to Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, his secret is…he doesn’t have any!

The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ actor stated that he doesn’t worry about getting older, but wouldn’t say no to a little help in looking younger thanks to selected Skin Care products.

Sharing his thoughts in a recent magazine interview, McConaughey revealed: “I’m not worried about ageing, but I’m not in a rush to age either. I take care of my skin. My routine is kind of basic: I shower at night, then I like to have a rinse in the morning to freshen up.”

Additionally, the 44-year-old star admitted to using his favourite exfoliator when getting ready for a walk on the red carpet.

He said: “I’ve had a Clarisonic for eight years. It’s a good tool before events. I forget about it sometimes, but I like to take it away with me when I go away. It takes off that top piece of epidermis, gets rid of the dead skin, tightens up some fine lines and freshens things. I don’t do many peels or stuff like that.”

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