30 August 2012

Job market pressures have led to an increase in the number of plastic surgery procedures taking place in China. This is according to chief executive officer of Bioscor International clinic Amanda Ong, who claimed people want to look good so they have an advantage when applying for the best positions.Currently, around 6.8 million new graduates are preparing themselves to find work in China, which is the worlds most competitive jobs market, reports. As a result, it has become normal for people to go under the knife in an attempt to improve their chances of success. Ms Ong said the number of young Chinese graduates visiting her clinic has risen each year, with the double eyelid stitch surgery being one of the most popular treatments. "I think that in this day and age, where it is definitely more competitive and people are getting more educated to get top jobs and higher positions, it's really based on everything: education and, unfortunately, looks, but that's the way it is, the expert added. Read the full story here: