26 April 2012

Anyone considering medical microdermabrasion (MMD) should go to a reputable cosmetics clinic, not a high street salon, or risk such treatments ageing your skin. Celebrity beauty journalist Amanda Platell is a staunch supporter of chemical peels and MMD and believes that her regular treatments at a Harley Street clinic are the reason why makeup artists often comment on how young she looks. But having read a not-so-upbeat article about how such treatments can have the reverse effect, she was keen to defend them based on her own experiences.In an article written for the Daily Mail, Platell said in response to dermatologist Dr Nick Lowes criticism of some non-surgical treatments if you have them too often: After the initial results [of MMD], which I can testify are amazing, women get addicted and start having them once a week or more. Once a week! Ive had fewer than 20 microdermabrasions in seven years less than three a year. I admit that after the first one, when my skin dropped ten years in a few weeks, I was straight back on the phone to my practitioner, doing an Oliver. Please, Sir, can I have some more? The answer was a resounding no. He explained it took four to six weeks for the skin cells to regenerate and Id have to wait at least that long before I could think about having another. So Platells view is that the problem is not with the treatments themselves, but with untrained or greedy high street beauty salons that offer them as often as they have fake tans. See original story here: