Meet the men who spend more on their appearance than their girlfriends do

Meet the men who spend more on their appearance than their girlfriends do

2 February 2016

You may think women are the big spenders when it comes to beauty, but a recent survey has found that men are overtaking their female counterparts, splashing out around £500 per year on products and treatments compared to £360 spent by women.

And three men in particular have spoken out about their beauty habits, claiming to spend more than their girlfriends on their Anti-Ageing treatments and products. Here are Christian, Ash and Nicholas’ stories.

  • Christian

28-year-old Christian is an electrician from Reading. He explained that he started noticing his appearance at the age of 18 when he had a bad experience at the hairdressers, causing him to delay his birthday celebrations to allow his hair to grow back.

A year later, he began to pluck his eyebrows before going on to have them threaded professionally. Since then, Christian has undergone Medical Microdermabrasion to improve the texture of his skin as well as Laser Hair Removal to remove unwanted hair from his chest and face.

He said: “I don’t want to change the way I look, I’d just like to improve it. I spend £32 a year on pure coconut oil and £76 on eye serum, but I make my own exfoliator.

“I spend more on grooming than my girlfriend Emily does. Thankfully, she doesn’t find it weird, she thinks it’s funny – although she does get annoyed when I pinch her tweezers and eyelash curlers.”

  • Ash

Single man Ash from Cheltenham began his grooming regime when he was 19, after a painful break-up with his ex-girlfriend. In a bid to get strong and take better care of himself, he joined a gym, dyed his hair and started to use sunbeds.

He spends a huge £720 a year on maintaining his tan and a further £960 a year on getting his hair cut and coloured.

Although he was made fun of at first, he explained that his friends all use sunbeds and invest in moisturisers to look good too.

He said: “Admittedly, this lifestyle is like a full-time job and costs a lot of money, but it’s worth it, as it gives me confidence.”

  • Nicholas

Nicholas is 38 years old and lives in London. Unlike Christian and Ash, Nicholas was brought up full of confidence about his looks. Having been told frequently that he was good-looking, he admitted that the compliments and attention gave him a rush.

A fan of modelling competitions in his teens, Nicholas used his pocket money to invest in skincare and styling products.

He explained: “By 18, I got into anti-ageing creams. Mum used to roll her eyes and say I was too young to worry about my skin, but I just liked to indulge in nice products.”

He now spends around £700 on teeth-whitening kits each year and underwent Botox for the first time five years ago.

He said: “A friend who worked in fashion had it, and although I didn’t think it was essential, I did feel I could do with some freshening up.

“[…] I felt elated when I saw the results. I certainly wouldn’t rule out surgery in the future, but I don’t want anything that would make me look plastic.

“Thankfully, no girlfriend has complained about me taking more time getting ready than her.”

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