07 March 2012

Megan Fox is back in the spotlight, thanks to the launch of her new movie and renewed cosmetic surgery rumours. Bloggers have not been shy in speaking their mind about the 25-year-old’s latest appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of Friends with Kids, which sparked fresh rumours that she has had cosmetic treatments, possibly dermal fillers. Prolific blogger wrote a post entitled: ‘Megan Fox at the Friends with Kids premiere: Did she get cheek implants?’The article went on to say: “I can't definitively put my finger on what she's had done other than lots of botox [sic] (which she's denied before) and possible cheek implants. “As to the latter, Megan has looked tweaked and cat-faced as recently as the past year. I was hoping that she'd go for a more natural look as part of her recent PR transformation, but in these photos, I keep thinking, 'Madonna chicken cutlets’. Maybe she's just suffering from an unfortunate level of blush application.” In July last year, Fox posted an album of photographs on her Facebook page with pictures of herself frowning in a bid to prove that she had not had Botox. However, the stunt backfired as people commented on how the pictures looked doctored. See original story here: