21 June 2010

Hollywood star Megan Fox has sparked a new round of cosmetic surgery rumours, after appearing at a recent film premiere with a noticeably larger bust as well as showing signs of wrinkle-relaxing Botox injections. The 24-year-old star recently cleared up her views on cosmetic surgery in an interview with Allure magazine, where she encouraged women who were thinking about treatments to seek consultation with experts to make sure the procedures are right for them.A number of commentators are now suggesting that Megan may have taken her own advice and chosen a boob job to give her bust a fuller and firmer appearance. An onlooker told the Sun: "Megan looked gorgeous - everyone's jaws hit the floor." A Hollywood source has revealed that director Michael Bay advised Megan was regain her curves for the Transformers sequel, after it was felt her figure had become too thin. "Megan was so naturally sexy - that's why she was considered the best-looking woman on Earth," the source explained. "But recently she's looked too skinny." As well as enhancing her breasts, it was also speculated that Megan had Botox to smooth her features, as well as dermal fillers to boost her lips. According to Miami-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Michael Salzhauer, Megan may also have had fillers in other areas of her face. "She probably has used fillers elsewhere such as her cheeks, giving them that beautiful fullness," he said.