Mel B might consider cosmetic surgery if she starts to sag

Pop star turned television presenter Melanie Brown (AKA Mel B) has been showing off her curves again, this time in a light grey jersey jumpsuit - an outfit that would be far from flattering for most women. Despite looking toned and in great shape, Brown revealed that she would not be averse to getting plastic surgery in the future, if she felt she needed it. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail on the subject, Brown said: ďWhen things start to sag in ten or 15 years, I wouldnít say no ó although I hate needles. I donít mind pushing my body during workouts, but with any other kind of pain Iím a complete baby. ďI try to run at least three times a week. Iíve tried Pilates and yoga, but itís only in the past three years that Iíve become more interested in keeping fit.Ē