Mel Gibson to undergo Facelift to look younger

Mel Gibson to undergo Facelift to look younger

8 December 2014

Popular actor Mel Gibson is rumoured to be considering undergoing Cosmetic Surgery in a bid to look younger and to score more Hollywood roles.

The 58 year old is said to be worried that his looks are having a negative effect on his career – and often mistaken for being his daughter’s grandfather isn’t helping to allay his concerns.

According to his close friends, Mel is preparing to undergo Facelift surgery to banish his unwanted lines and wrinkles. One friend said: “Mel’s not aged well and it’s making his life a misery. Years of boozing and hard-living seem to have taken their toll.

“He looks much older than his years and he thinks it’s costing him movie roles. He wants to get rid of all of those lines on his face and tighten up his saggy jowls.”

What do you think Mel should do? Would you ever consider having a Facelift to look younger? Send us a tweet with your thoughts.




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