Melissa Gilbert happy with her Breast Reduction

2 February 2015

Melissa Gilbert has spoken out about her decision to have Breast Reduction surgery. The 50-year-old recently downsized to a B-cup from a 34 DD.

She said: “Not only do I feel healthier and better, but I don’t have these inappropriately large breasts that were wrong for my body, kind of getting in the way.”

The star has opted for Breast Implants twice in the past (1992 and 2004) but decided to have them removed for health reasons.

Melissa felt it was necessary to have Breast Implants to enjoy a successful career. She added: “This is our culture. It has been for a long, long time and I feel right into it. I believed that not only would I work more, but people would love me more if I looked a certain way.”

Since having her Breast Implants removed, Melissa said she is happier than ever. While not opposed to Cosmetic Surgery, the star encouraged prospective patients to consider that it is a big commitment not to be entered into lightly.

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