11 November 2008

The Daily Mail has published the story of Ella Samoles-Little, the 18 year old woman who visited several British cosmetic surgeries and was offered Botox treatments - and many others - from most consultants she met.

Although of legal age to undergo cosmetic treatment, the article aims to emphasise how some cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeons consider revenue of greater importance when advising possible customers on which treatments they should consider.

Over visits to four clinics in London, Ms Samoles-Little experienced a 'hard-sell' attitude from two surgeries, both of which tried to get the 18 year old to undergo unnecessary wrinkle-relaxing injections, as well as chemical skin peels which as the paper implies were recommended simply for the money, particularly given Ms Samoles-Little's good complexion.

The purpose of Ms Samoles-Little's visits was to discover exactly what treatments cosmetic surgeries and beauty clinics would offer an 18 year old woman - and at what cost they would be offered. She discovered that several clinics offered her myriad treatments and felt that they didn't consider her as an individual patient with specific needs and desires.

According to the Daily Mail, the Harley Medical Group was included in the list of practices that Ms Samoles-Little visited. The consultant she saw there advised the young woman not to undergo Botox treatment, saying "if it was right [for you] we would offer it to you here". Ms Samoles-Little was offered instead a selection of creams and non-invasive microdermabrasion treatments as an alternative.

Botox has seen a much-increased popularity, due to celebrity advocates and its affordability during the credit crunch. However, it is frequently deemed unnecessary for people under 25, and often older as their skin tends to be more devoid of wrinkles and has much of the elasticity required for a youthful appearance.