13 September 2013

woman holding phone under chin while chopping vegMen want the finely-chiselled jawline of the likes of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling, while women are aspiring to a Halle Berry chin. This is the latest big trend in American cosmetic surgery, with chin and neck procedures up by 71 per cent in the past year. And now, Britons are beginning to follow suit, according to an article in the Daily Express, which, at the same time, puts the growing incidence of drooping chins and sagging jawlines down to our love of technology.It suggests that the increase may be partly attributed to by our constant use of computers and mobiles. "Sitting for hours with your head bent slightly forward looking at a screen can shorten the neck muscles, causing a drooping jawline and double chin," the article says. This phenomenon has acquired the unflattering name of 'iPhone face'. Lines and bands on the neck area can be alleviated by the use of injectable filler treatments, she writes, relaxing and softening the muscles at the front of the neck, and making the skin look tighter and smoother. A weak jawline can be addressed by means of a mentoplasty procedure, which involves inserting a small implant via the mouth or under the chin. Meanwhile, the article recommends that the toll taken on the face and neck by working at a screen all day can be reduced by adopting the right posture, taking regular screen breaks, and undertaking a series of exercises to strengthen the neck.