09 April 2009

While women have been drawn to cosmetic surgery for many years, there has been a recent rise in the number of men seeking procedures. According to a report in the Mirror, procedures like liposuction and male chest reductions have increased in the past year. In addition, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgeries are also in demand from men. The numbers have been unveiled in a study from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), which notes that the demand for male cosmetic surgery has risen by close to 300 per cent. Of that, male chest reductions are up 44 per cent, and brow lifts have increased by 60 per cent.Experts have noted that the rise could be due to a number of factors. For one, the stigma surrounding male cosmetic surgery has decreased over time. There are also workplace and societal pressures on men now to look, and feel, their best. One cosmetic surgeon said: "Not only are men expected to be eternally youthful in terms of stamina and dynamism, but increasingly they are also judged on their looks." In addition, The Harley Medical Group has also revealed that they've seen male bookings increase 150 per cent in five years, noting that liposuction is their most popular procedure. The male cosmetic surgery industry is now worth £8bn worldwide, according to the report. Many businessmen are also noting that they've taken to receiving cosmetic surgery in order to appear confident to their clients. Peter Burling, a marketing consultant in Manchester, told The Mirror: "The last thing my clients want is to see me looking overtired and jaded. Botox makes me look fresh and feel confident, even if I've been up until 4 am working on a sales pitch." Burling now receives the Botox jabs every six months, and says the relatively low-cost of non-surgical procedures is easy to justify.