12 October 2007

VAIN Britons are going nip-tuck crazy, a new poll revealed today. Women in London are leading the way, going for breast enhancements, and the men are choosing liposuction.

London Paper'Men go for lipo and a de fuzz'

But they are not adverse to a bit of preening, with Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas one of the latest to join the trend. The Spanish star splashed out 3,000 to have his chest hair permanently removed. The 20-year-old had six sessions of laser treatment to eliminate the unwanted fuzz at The Harley Medical Group clinic in Watford. Fabregas also got rid of some leg hair, by having the roots zapped with an intense beam. He showed off his smooth new look to team-mates in the dressing room this week. A source said: "Other Premiership stars have been known to wax their chests. Cesc has gone one step futher." "Some people may think it's excessive, but when you're on 50,000 a week you can afford to be fussy about looks." The Harley Medical Group poll showed that Birmingham women are boosting their bra size with the men choosing to rid themselves of droopy eyelids. Glasgow women are plumping up their lips with collagen while the men are having tummy tucks.