Men in Abu Dhabi having laser hair removal to be hair-free for summer

04 July 2011

90674542Men in Abu Dhabi are opting for laser hair removal to ensure their skin is hair-free in time for the summer months. One beachgoer told online newspaper The Gulf Today: “Summer’s here - we all want to have sleeker and smoother skin.” Clinics offering laser hair removal in the capital of the United Arab Emirates are enjoying a surge in the number of men asking for the treatment and many attribute the rise in popularity to a more beauty-conscious generation.There is also the view that keeping clean and staying fresh is much easier without hair. One beachgoer in Abu Dhabi, known only as Thomas, said: “The sweaty season is best without the hair.” Another beachgoer, Barack, added: “Smooth is the way to go for this season.” The young men think it’s easier to keep the body cleaner when the hairs are removed especially during this season.