05 November 2013

Older man with beard'Manscaping' is really catching on among the males of the 'baby boomer' generation, now in their 50s and 60s, who expect to be able to defy the years better than any of their predecessors. So says American psychologist and author Dr Vivian Diller, in an article for HuffingtonPost.com. She writes about how many middle aged men are now taking advantage of the likes of hair dyes, as well as various cosmetic procedures, such as Laser Rejuvenation Treatments and Line and Wrinkle Injectables in a bid to make themselves look younger.It is a trend which is being closely watched by the cosmetics business, Dr Diller adds. "Guys have begun to see advantages to enhancing their appearance, a focus once considered outside their domain," she notes. Many also feel that, as they approach their 50s, they need to maintain a youthful appearance in order to stay competitive in what Dr Diller calls "a stubbornly lean employment market". "The short-term investment in [cosmetic] surgery is viewed by some men as having long-term economic benefits," she concludes.