04 May 2012

Three men talked openly about cosmetic surgery on US television’s Today programme – illustrating the rapidly changing views of this industry among men in particular. Describing their experiences of cosmetic surgery, Joseph, 22, Franck, 40, and Bruno, told how the procedures they chose helped to boost their self-esteem, and in some cases alleviate a problem as well as alter their appearance. Joseph said: “I've had a rhinoplasty [nose job], a chin implant, and Restylane fillers in my cheeks. “It made a huge difference, definitely improved my business, my outlook every day has changed, really it changed everything,” he added. When Franck went in for surgery on his sinuses (to alleviate snoring), he decided to add chin liposuction and nose reshaping to the list. He said: “I snored, I used to snore like a freight train, so essentially I had the inside plumbing done. I figured while I was on the table I might as well straighten [my nose] out a little bit. “It was just such a conservative job, I didn't want anything over-the-top. I just wanted my profile fixed a little bit”, he added. Their plastic surgeon, Dr Kassir revealed: “Chin implants are very important in balancing out a male face.” “There are very few CEOs that you'll see who have retrusive chins,” he added. See original story here: