02 February 2012

Three men have revealed how cosmetic surgery has changed their lives for the better, in a feature published by The Sun online today. Lee Hudson, 37, Justin Critchley, 40, and Tony Lewkowicz, 27, all shared their experience of male cosmetic surgery and explained how the profound impacts the results have had.Lee had body sculpting surgery after years going to the gym failed to produce the six pack he desperately wanted. He had the surgery despite being fit, healthy and toned, and couldnt be happier with the results. Speaking about those who may be sceptical of his choices, Lee said: People might think I'm vain but I'm just realistic and taking advantage of the latest technology. Women have been enjoying these kinds of cosmetic operations for years and men are finally catching up. If you're unhappy with something and have the option to change it, why not? Justin had male chest reduction to achieve a body he could be confident in, having realised that no amount of weight loss would rid him of his moobs (males boobs). Of the results, Justin said: A year on, I've got no scars and know that if I ever do put on a little bit of weight, it won't go straight to my chest. I can wear the figure-hugging clothes I know women want me to wear and which will turn heads in bars. When I see a woman I want to approach I have the confidence to go up to her and start chatting without constantly folding my arms across my chest, he added. Tony lost more than eight stone in weight following extensive dieting and was left with folds of loose skin that no amount of exercise or healthy eating could shift. He chose to have tummy tuck surgery (also known as abdominoplasty) to complete the long journey to a slimmer body that he could be happy with. I'm just a happier person who has the confidence to have a laugh. It sounds an obvious thing to most people, but before I couldn't do that, said Tony. I feel ready to have a girlfriend now and, who knows, maybe even settle down. It's a fantastic feeling, not having that self-doubt constantly hanging around your neck, he added.