16 June 2011

89595599Men in the north-west of England are opting for face lift surgery and dermal fillers in a bid to look as young and fresh-faced as the current batch of hopefuls on the BBC�s The Apprentice. In a story published by the Lancashire Telegraph today, cosmetic surgeon Peter Paterson said he has noticed a trend in businessmen looking to enhance the way they look in order to compete more successfully in the job market. Mr Paterson estimates that one in four cosmetic surgery clients in the north-west is male and that popular procedures include face lifts, neck lifts, the removal of scars, and surgery to reduce the appearance of eye bags. �Programmes like The Apprentice have put the focus more than ever on looking slick and coming across as young, energetic and vibrant � a case of looking the part even if, as Lord Sugar frequently discovers, people can�t always deliver the goods,� said Mr Paterson.