Men with square jaws regarded as successful

5 January 2015

There has recently been a surge in the number of men requesting procedures and treatments to help define their jawline. This is because men with square jaws are regarded as the most successful. The findings come from research which found that 90 per cent of chief executives from the Top 50 Fortune 500 companies had “non-receding to prominent chins”.

Many men are therefore seeking a more defined jawline to help them get ahead in their career and to enable them to enjoy a successful working life. Manhattan-based Cosmetic Surgeon Douglas Steinbrech commented that the majority of patients request a natural look, making them turn more frequently to Non-Invasive treatments as opposed to Cosmetic Surgical procedures.

“As soon as you look operated on, like – who’s that Kardashian guy? Bruce Jenner – you lose masculinity,” said Steinbrech.

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