05 March 2014

dv2084004The 'caveman look' which was once common among men is today considered highly out of vogue and the growth in the number of 'manscaping' solutions, together with the prevalence of images of hair-free males have been major factors in this change. It is natural for all men to have body hair the good news being that there are several ways in which it can be kept under control, or even removed from large parts of the body.Men's Journal magazine a stablemate of Rolling Stone has published a guide to these methods in its latest issue, in which it firmly rejects shaving as an effective method. That's because it prompts hair to grow back more thickly and coarsely, and carries the risk of creating ingrown hairs. Light trimming is suggested as a means of keeping body hair under control, either on its own, or as a precursor to a waxing treatment. The perception of the latter as painful reinforced in many minds by a memorable scene in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin in which the title character undergoes his first waxing session is not strictly true, says the article, especially if carried out regularly. Lasting two to three weeks, waxing eventually means the hair becomes finer and grows back in a lower concentration, the article said. But the ultimate treatment particularly for men with darker hair and lighter skin is Laser Hair Removal. A permanent reduction in hair can be achieved after four to six treatments, the article says, also stressing that it is suitable to be performed in a lunch hour, with any redness or swelling which results usually dissipating within an hour, according to Joyce Morra, Medical Aesthetician at J Medical Day Spa in New York. The Harley Medical Group can treat all hair types and colours with Laser Hair Removal, and offers a solution known as Meladine to specifically target those with blonde hair. - Men would you consider having a Laser Hair Removal treatment if it meant you could break the cycle of constant trimming? Let us know on Twitter.