Men’s Skin Care products in China sell twice as fast as women’s

28 November 2014

Women have always been known for their trend-setting ways, and over in China, men are following the example of their female counterparts – with the men’s facial products market selling twice as fast as the women’s beauty product sector.

Higher levels of stress from living in the city has resulted in men becoming more conscious about their appearance – where contributing factors such as pollution damaging their skin has led them looking to beauty products in a bid to correct their complexion. From 2009 to 2014, experts noted that the men’s facial products market grew at a compound yearly growth rate of 20.1 per cent – with China now the world’s largest market for men’s Skin Care.

Moisturising creams in particular are extremely popular in Asia, as consumers seek out a product to help balance their skin during the cold dry winters as well as the hot summers. However, it’s predicted that the main trend in Chinese Skin Care products will be organic, natural products in a bid to counteract environmental conditions.

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