12 June 2014

We continually hear about the state of the job market and of just how difficult it can be for school-leavers to compete with the growing numbers of candidates for each job. One student, who just so happens to be a member of MENSA, has revealed that he underwent Cosmetic Surgery on his nose in order to improve his chances of becoming employed. Owen Cheshire told the Daily Mail that he was worried that his nose would affect how employable he could be, calling his decision to undertake Rhinoplasty surgery a no brainer. I wanted to enter the job market at my best and I couldnt be that with confidence issues about my appearance, he said. Despite achieving 11 GCSEs and being admitted to the elite MENSA club with an impressive IQ of 132, Owen was convinced that his looks would jeopardise his likelihood of securing a job, commenting that only the very best will win the few jobs available. Since undergoing Cosmetic Surgery to streamline his nose, Owen has regained confidence in his looks, updating his Instagram feed to show off the results. Do you agree with Owens decision to have Rhinoplasty surgery? How far would you go to increase your chances of securing a job in todays competitive environment? Let us know on Facebook.