13 August 2008

Botox has long been known as the celeb­rities' cure-all for those worrying lines and wrinkles on their faces. Now, growing numbers of people are having the injections in their hands, feet or armpits – to stop them sweating.Demand for so-called Sweatox has tripled in the past three months, according to the Harley Medical Group. It estimates 50,000 people a year are having the £500-a-time jabs to dry up embarrassing sweat patches once and for all. The injections work by temporarily paralysing muscles with a mild dose of poison. In the face, this creates an elas­ticity which eliminates wrinkles. But, if injec­ted into sweat glands, it freezes them and stops the body overreacting to heat. Hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating, can be a cause of psychological distress, said specialist Dr Nicky Naylor. 'Sufferers can feel uncomfortable in soc­ial situations and start avoiding them. 'Many of my patients feel that not having to worry about getting uncomfortably sweaty whilst travelling, at work and at parties is a big boost to their confidence. 'Botox is one of the most effective and minimally invasive treatments .'