04 March 2014

Profile portrait of healthy caucasian blonde womanFor those suffering with fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, or stretch marks, Micro-Needling may be the solution. Thats according to Nurse Practitioner Cyndie Grimes, who recommends the Non-Surgical treatment to visibly improve the appearance of a persons skin. To prep the skin for treatment, she applies a numbing cream to the area, before using Medical Microdermabrasion to remove the surface layers of damaged skin. Micro-Needling treatment, or Dermaroller, then works by stimulating the collagen to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and scars, leaving skin looking clearer and more even in texture.Post-treatment, Grimes recommends avoiding make-up for 24 hours and applying sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or more. She said: I have seen great results with micro-needling especially for patients wanting smoother, tighter skin or the reduction of acne scars. One patient, Doreen Kline 57, underwent three Dermaroller treatments to help improve the appearance of her marionette lines (around the mouth) and the fine lines around her eyes. After the treatments, I saw the texture of my skin change and it also had a tighter appearance especially near my jawline. I also noticed my makeup goes on nicer and my skin care products penetrated my skin better, she explained. Micro-Needling treatment can also be used in conjunction with other skincare treatments, such as Skin Peels and Medical Microdermabrasion, for overall improved appearance. -Would you consider Micro-Needling to correct your skin woes? Let us know on Twitter.