MIC’s Ollie Locke shares tips on male grooming and Brotox

18 December 2014

He graced our television screens as the best-groomed man in Chelsea and now Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke has decided to take his love of male beauty one step further and host his own online video series, which he’s called Ollie Locke’s Good Grooming Guide.

This series of videos will guide men through Ollie’s best tips for male grooming, as well as featuring his own reviews of Anti-Ageing treatments such as Botox. With the steady rise of male grooming and increasing numbers of men opting for Cosmetic Surgery, Ollie’s videos may well have come at just the right time.

His first few videos show him treating his male friend to a facial and undergoing his very first experience of Botox treatment.

Commenting on the popular Line & Wrinkle treatment, Ollie said: “I can do happy, I can do sad, I can do surprised”. The star claimed his aim of the video was to convince viewers that contrary to what some people believe, you can get Botox and still look natural.

What’s your best male grooming tip? Send us a tweet with your views on Male Cosmetic Surgery.





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