Middle-aged patients drive rise in demand for injectables

24 October 2013

stk212525rkeThe new generation of facial injectables has greatly broadened the possibilities available for anyone looking to fight the signs of ageing. So says a new set of independent findings from America, which also outline the progress made in treatments in the past 20 years. The report, published by Koncept Analytics, notes: "Minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures; also known as 'petit surgery', have become mainstream in cosmetic surgery."It says that growth in the market for dermal filler treatments has been strongest among men ad women aged between 40 and 54. It adds: "In today's modern arena of technological innovation, one of the most effective non-surgical procedures is radio frequency facials." A great deal of research and development is also taking place in the market for dermal fillers, the report adds, with leading bio-technology companies carrying out extensive product development work in the field.