Middle aged professionals turning to Cosmetic Surgery to stay competitive in the workplace

17 September 2015

It’s a fact of modern life that we’re living longer and working to an older age. It’s also the case that the job market is incredibly competitive! The situation means an increasing number of middle aged professionals, who aren’t ready to retire, are turning to Cosmetic Surgery to slow the signs of ageing and keep their competitive edge.

It seems appearance does play a part in a number of job roles, as Margaret Cipparone a 63 year old county assistant prosecutor explains. “When I have ‘elevens’ (frown lines) inbetween my eyebrows, I look stern… juries don’t like that, they want women to look pleasant. If I’m stern or assertive but I look pleasant, they accept what I’m saying.” 

Margaret has had Juverderm Dermal Fillers to smooth the lines in her face and found them to have a positive impact on her work. “I realise I can’t go back in time. But it helped me keep and obtain a job… I can’t tell you that because of this I make more money… but I feel more successful in my job. I get a better verdict and a better result with juries and jurors.”

One Cosmetic Surgeon confirmed middle aged professionals are having a lot of procedures to stay competitive in the job market. Having performed over 18,000 Face Lifts the Surgeon said the number of male patients he sees is also on the rise. Commonly, he explained, men come for eyelid and neck lifts, as they’re competing against a much younger population and don’t want to stop working yet.

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Image credit: Kzenon/ Shutterstock