01 February 2011

Soldiers in the US Armed Forces are turning to liposuction, and other forms of fat removal surgery, in order to meet strict size and weight regulations, put in place to ensure that standards remain high. According to a recent report published in the Washington Post, more and more military personnel are combining their strict diets and exercise regimes with cosmetic surgery, in order to pass all areas of PT (Physical Training). Heather Sommerdyke, a technical sergeant in the US Air Force, has already spent $12,000 on liposuction surgery, in an attempt to drop her waist measurement from 37 inches, to the maximum acceptable measurement of 35.5 inches that has been set for female airmen. Sommerdyke can fulfil all other areas of the Air Force PT requirements, such as the press-ups, push-ups, and gruelling runs, but giving birth to her second child two years ago has made it almost impossible for her to trim down her waist measurements enough through exercise and diet alone.