31 October 2008

British actress Minnie Driver may have had a "mommy makeover" to get back into shape after giving birth in early September.

The Good Will Hunting star recently appeared on the Los Angeles red carpet in a short black dress, just seven weeks after her son was born, prompting speculation that she may have undergone cosmetic surgery in order to quickly return to her toned pre-pregnancy figure.

"Mommy makeovers" are fast gaining popularity with both Hollywood celebrities and everyday women around the world.

They most frequently involve a breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. A US-based surgeon, Dr Jennifer Walden, told celebrity cosmetic surgery site Make Me Heal: "Mommy makeovers are most effective six months to a year after having a baby, as that time frame allows the body to re-establish equilibrium after the physiologic changes associated with pregnancy."

Edgy star Angelina Jolie made headlines recently, when one source revealed that she had undergone a tummy tuck shortly after giving birth to twins this year. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

Whether Minnie Driver has had post-pregnancy surgery or not is equally as unclear. Although the star looks toned and svelte surprisingly soon after childbirth, it's not certain whether this is due to cosmetic surgery or a rigorous fitness regime.

Dr Walden said: "Minnie Driver looks as if she has lost much of the baby weight after having her precious little son. However, I do not think she has had a 'mommy makeover' in this short amount of time... [She] has likely been exercising throughout and after the pregnancy as well as a little dieting since having him."